Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation is the perfect option for couples who seek a divorce process that is efficient, fair, and more "peaceful" in nature. Mediation is a collaborative process that puts the decision-making fully in the hands of the divorcing couple - you determine the outcome of your settlement agreement, not lawyers and not a court.  A divorce mediator is a neutral, third-party, certified professional, who keeps divorcing spouses focused on the goal of a fair outcome to their divorce. They also work to alleviate couples staying stuck in resentment, conflict, or past hurts. The focus is to move forward in a structured, efficient, and goal-focused manner. 

During divorce mediation, the mediator guides couples in addressing all the issues associated with divorce, including topics such as custody arrangements, spousal/child support, asset division, and any unique issues specific to a given couple. All of this information is then used to create a formal document called a "Memorandum of Understanding," which becomes the settlement agreement portion of your final divorce decree. 


Divorcing couples often choose divorce mediation because it is faster, less expensive, and less contentious than the traditional divorce process. Reducing the stress and trauma that often comes with a divorce may also positively benefit how parents are able to co-parent their children once a marriage has ended. Mediation is often a “one-stop” option for couples, as the mediator prepares the full Memorandum of Understanding necessary for the divorce to become final with a court. 

Carol A. Corbett, Ph.D. is a Certified Divorce Mediator, and has been working with divorcing couples since 2018. She would be happy to answer any questions you might have that have not been answered in this information. 

Before reaching out, please look over the Self-Assessment Tool for Mediation (found in "Helpful Forms") to determine if mediation is the right fit for you. Though going through a divorce is emotional for anyone, mediation tends to work best for couples who have agreed to divorce and are not interested in locking into lengthy conflict and hostility towards one another. 

If you wish to move forward with divorce mediation, the next step is to contact Carol A. Corbett, Ph.D. Mediation typically takes between 4-6 one-hour sessions, at which both parties work towards completion of their Memorandum of Understanding. Please note that once the Memorandum of Understanding has been complete and accepted by all parties, a divorcing couple will take that document to a  divorce attorney, who will then file the document and an application for divorce in your County's Family Court. 

Helpful Forms

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